General Terms and Conditions

  1. Basic provisions
    1. These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Rules") govern the relationship arising from the sale of the Boodle cryptocurrency, which upon acceptance of you as a User (Purchaser) through the ("BoodleWeb") web interface. The purchase is based on your active negotiation (demand) and knowledge of the terms of sale, of these rules and other publicly available information on sales, risks and the value of virtual currencies.
    2. Boodle is a cryptocurrency (digital asset) issued in a total volume of 35,000,000 coins. 10 millions of coins is offered within the pre-sale. Boodle is a full proof of stake cryptocurrency with full blockchain technology and a peer-to-peer network decentralization (hereinafter referred to as the “Boodle”).
    3. The buyer, i.e. an individual (consumer) (in some cases also an entrepreneur or a legal entity), purchases Boodle through BoodleWeb (hereinafter referred to as the "User") to send the demand to LUCITANO sro, ID No .: 03450376 with registered office at Nad Palatou 3056 / 3, Smíchov, 150 00 Praha 5 (hereinafter referred to as "the Company"), which is authorized for sale.
    4. Payment / transfer / Boodle-related transactions will be provided by co-operating Boodle Agents. The list of Boodle Agents will be published on BoodleWeb.
    5. Purchased Boodle coins will be credited to a wallet (i.e. a desktop or mobile application available on – hereinafter "BoodleWallet"). BoodleWallet's rules are governed by the agreement between the User and the licensee, and therefore the Company does not provide any warranty, guarantee or any provision (damage compensation) for the service.
  2. Mission
    1. The mission of the Boodle project is to create a decentralized community of people - Users - on P2P network basis. In the future, the community should be given the opportunity to simplify, reduce and accelerate life without limitations caused by traditional currencies, borders, time or other reality. All through using of Boodle coins and the related services and products.
    2. The bargaining/market power of the community is a significant for partners, as a potential customers base. The responsibility for the success of the project is therefore also given to any User, as the use of Boodle coin increases its value. The direction the community will take is being recorded in the Roadmap published on BoodleWeb. This strategy can be unilaterally updated due to market needs, the feasibility of the plan, the profitability, community feedback and the legal regulation of virtual currencies, etc. The unilateral change of the roadmap will be published on BoodleWeb. Purchase of Boodle coin is an acceptance of the roadmap and the possibility of updating it.
    3. 10 millions of coins are offered within the pre-sale. The value of the coin is variable and increases / decreases symmetrically depending on the quantity of Boodle coins that have been released to customers. This value is determined by a fixed and unchanging algorithm on BoodleWeb, which is set to deliver a fair distribution of coins among users. BoodleWeb thus is a market maker during pre-sale period. Customers can use BoodleWeb to calculate the exact number of Boodle coins at any given number of fiat currency at any time, and also can look at future course development depending on the number of coins in circulation. The purpose of the pre-sale is to register and trade Boodle on the cryptocurrency asset exchange (top 100, at the latest when it reaches its value of 5.06 EUR per coin, after finishing of the pre-sale period. At the moment of Boodle public trading the price (value) is determined by the supply and demand of the stock exchange. The Customer expressly agrees and acknowledges that any claims under these Rules will expire upon the pre-sale is finished.
    4. The funds will be partially reinvested in the Boodle project, in particular in the production of products (projects), sales support, and services. In order to enhance trust in the project the User is authorized to sell back Boodle coins to BoodleX in the manner specified in these rules until pre-sale is finished.
  3. How to buy Boodle
    1. Registration request Users to fill in and confirm the required data via the web interface. Registration levels, necessary documents and information compliant with the legislative requirements will be communicated to the User during registration and are available on BoodleWeb. User sets his user ID and login password. Subsequently, User enters the required voucher value for the purchase of coins in EUR ("Purchase Price"), which is automatically converted to the amount of Boodle coins according to the current rate. The user accepts the Rules by the purchase. In the event of any doubt or misunderstanding of any provision of the Rules, the User interrupts the order and discuss the issue with the lawyer / tax advisor.
    2. Confirmation creates an order and displays Purchase Price and Payment Option. The payment options, fees and other procedures are available at BoodleWeb and / or are governed by the BoodleAgent´s terms that the User will be familiar with before accepting the order and are available at
    3. The actual amount of Boodle coins purchased will be re-calculated based on the current rate at the time of applying the voucher.
    4. BoodleAgent, upon payment of the Purchase Price electronically, will send the User a voucher to the Boodle Web, which will be credited with Boodle Coins to BoodleWallet. Writing Boodles to BoodleWallet The user is compliant with the company's duty.
    5. In the event of non-payment of the confirmed order within i) 30 minutes in payment by card or ii) 30 days in case of other payment options, the order will be canceled without further notice.
  4. Buyback option
    1. Within the available pre-sale of virtual currencies worldwide, the option of buyback as defined by this provision is exceptional. The buyback option is a declaration of the fact that the intention of the creators is to create a community of people who use Boodle and related projects in the long term. Buyback value parameters are set so as not to compromise the value of Users, due to speculative deals, and at the same time to allow the development of Boodle and / Boodlex community, while enabling them to step out of the project for Users, who are no longer interested in development of the project.
    2. The Company deposits funds at 40% of the purchase price balance (the purchase price of Boodle coins reduced by the buyback amount paid out) and the amount of the sales slot, i.e. the difference between the current Boodle value and the lower limit of the sales slot. (hereinafter referred to as the "Depositary") to Depository account. The Depositary shall be a credible person (e.g. notary, lawyer, bank or other professionally qualified entity) (hereinafter referred to as "Deposit Account"). Depository account can be changed or there could be more Depository accounts, if fulfilling the parameters of these Rules.
    3. The buyback right is guaranteed by the Company within the sales slots, that are published on BoodleWeb (the "Selling Slot"), and the buyback right will be realized through BoodleWeb, with the price being 70% of the Boodle value at the time of acceptance of the buyback. In the event that the value of the Boodles sold reaches the lower limit of the Slot, the applicable buyback right cannot be proceed at 70% nominal value and will be dealt with according to the following article.
    4. Through a contractual partner, the Company will provide buyback outside Sales Slots at a price of 40% of the actual nominal value. The terms and conditions are published on BoodleWeb.
    5. The buyback price will be credited to the Customer's bank account no later than ten (10) days from the effective date of the buyback. The bank charges associated with making the payment will be shared (SHA). The deadline under this paragraph will not apply until the AML conditions are met.
  5. The risks of virtual currencies and BoodleWallet
    1. The user acknowledges that no one, except User, has a security phrase to log in to BoodleWallet. In the event of its loss, it is not technically possible to make BoodleWallet available again and is aware that the loss of the login phrase will not allow Company or any other person to use BoodleWallet.
    2. Before buying Boodle, the user has become familiar with the issues of virtual currencies and declares that:
      1. have decided to give confidence in a digital, decentralized and partially anonymous (pseudonymous) system that depends on peer-to-peer network and cryptography to ensure security, credibility, integrity, authenticity and un-deniability, at their own risk.
      2. loss of confidence or technical problems can result in rate devaluation;
      3. cryptocurrencies are not guided as FIAT currencies, which means that cryptocurrencies or services tied to them are not regulated by the law governing payment services and / or currency exchange;
      4. trading, holding and related services in the field of cryptocurrencies involves a considerable risk, as their value may fluctuate. Price fluctuations may increase or decrease the value of an asset in the extreme case to cause depreciation;
      5. has no ownership interest or other ownership interest in the Boodle project (except for the Boodle coins held);
      6. will not engage in any activity that might allow him or third parties to interfere with or use the software or other components of BoodleWeb in an unauthorized manner;
      7. will not use Boodle to transfer assets from or to countries that are considered at risk or high risk regarding the legalization of proceeds from crime or the financing of terrorism; the list of those countries is published and updated by FATF-GAFI; or the transfer of assets (albeit only partially) to a person/s originating in the abovementioned risk or high risk countries. Originate country is country, where the person is a citizen and, at the same time, all other countries in which he or she is a permanent or other resident, and, in the case of a legal person, the country in which it has registered office, a branch office, an organizational unit or an establishment.
    3. The user is bound by the Code of Conduct that is published on BoodleWeb back office. The Code is not exhaustive and the Company reserves the right to change it at any time, as well as to take appropriate measures to protect integrity and mission of the Boodle project. Other codes of conduct are not used or voluntarily adhered to.
    4. The User undertakes to pay the damages or costs incurred as a result of its violation of the Rules, the Code or their circumvention, in particular by splitting his/her trades or using multiple BoodleWallets, giving false or misleading information when registering.
    5. The Company is not liable for any direct or indirect damage or damage to third parties due to force majeure or in connection with the use of BoodleWeb (in particular due to malfunction, availability, interruption of operation, computer viruses, Web abuse).
    6. Company is not the owner of BoodleWallet, therefore, it is not responsible to the User for damages resulting from the disclosure, loss or misuse of its security phrase. The security phrase cannot be restored any time, so the user has to manage it as an only access option to BoodleWallet.
  6. Withdrawal from the contract
    1. The user is not entitled to withdraw from the contract because the Boodle value is demand and offer-dependent and there may be significant price variations during the withdrawal period.
    2. The Company reserves the right to cancel a confirmed order without giving any reason to transfer Boodle to BoodleWallet. In this case, the Purchase Price paid by the User will be sent back to the bank account from which it was originally sent.
    3. The user has the right to cancel a confirmed order without giving a reason, if the Voucher has not been applied yet. In this case, the amount will be refunded to the account from which it was sent.
  7. Final provisions
    1. The rules are valid and effective, unless otherwise stated, at the time of publication on BoodleWeb.
    2. As part of the sales promotion, participation in the affiliate program managed by third party is possible, when the conditions are met. A link to the terms of the affiliate program is published on BoodleWeb. Changing the terms of the affiliate program is reserved to the Provider and is therefore not an amendment to the Rules.
    3. The Company reserves the right at any time to unilaterally modify or adjust the wording of these Rules. The user will be informed about the change via BoodleWeb. The change takes effect at the time of publication on BoodleWeb, unless otherwise specified. Agreeing to change is due to the continued use of BoodleWeb. If the User does not agree to change the Rules, he / she is required to refrain from using BoodleWeb, Services and Products. Updating of Article 2, GDPR, AML, and BoodleWeb information or documents are not amendments to the Rules. The user acknowledges that the right to sell Boodle may be entrusted to another person. As a result, the legislative (domicile) of the entity proceeding the right of sale within the EU as well as these Rules may be changed.
    4. Force majeur means natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, fire), consequences of administrative or judicial decisions, technological barriers, war conflicts, terrorist actions, or epidemics.
    5. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, by sending the subject matter User grants a permanent, global, irrevocable, sublicensable, transferable, non-exclusive and royalty-free right to use, reproduce, distribute, adapt, change, translate, create derivative works, display, digitally present, make available to the public, communicate to the public, sell, offer for sale, without any compensation or benefit, except the support of Boodle project.
    6. The user has become familiar with these Rules, understands them and agrees with them.

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